Fiberglass and Steel Parts

If a part begins with the letter "G" under "PART#" it is referring to fiberglass.
Any other instances are describing steel parts.
Much more coming soon!!

A picture gallery is included along with full price list. See below table for gallery.

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    Universal   st960-110 weather strip   $ 20.50
    Universal   st960-12 Doorskin lower Univ. w/L bottom edge $ 8.75
    Universal   st960-14 Doorskin lower Univ. w/J bottom edge $ 10.75
    Universal   st960-15 Doorskin lower Univ. w/hooked J bottom edge $ 10.75
    Universal   st960-516-0 OUTRIGGER OUTRGR 68-79 VW BUS  
    Universal   st960-69 Battery tray Univ. $ 12.00
    Universal   st960-79 U channel Univ. $ 12.00
    Universal   st960-79A U channel Univ. $ 13.00
    Universal   st960-79B U channel Univ. $ 15.00
    Universal   st960-79C U channel Univ. $ 16.50
    Universal   st960-79D U channel Univ. $ 18.50
    Universal   st960-92 Flex edge Univ. 3''*36'' $ 4.27
    Universal   st960-93 Flex edge Univ. 3/4''*36'' $ 3.26
    Universal   st963-101U   HL REPLC. CAPSUL 85-89 $ 24.05
    Universal   st963-102U   HL REPL.CAPSULES 85-89 $ 39.31
    Universal   st963-103-1   HL REPL.CAPSULES $ 16.90
    Universal   st963-103-2   HL REPL.CAPSULES $ 16.90
    Universal   st963-104-1   HL REPL.CAPSULES $ 16.90
    Universal   st963-104-2   HL REPL.CAPSULES $ 16.90
    Universal   st963-105-1   HL REPL.CAPSULES $ 18.90
    Universal   st963-105-2   HL REPL.CAPSULES $ 18.90
    Universal   st963-106-1   HL REPL.CAPSULES $ 18.90
    Universal   st963-106-2   HL REPL.CAPSULES $ 18.90
    Universal   st963-121   FOGLIGHT LENS W/REFLCTR $ 37.00
    Universal   st964-106-1   HL REPL CAPSULES  
    Universal   st964-106-2   HL REPL CAPSULES  
    Universal   st964-107-1   HL ASSY INN 86-88 $ 28.00
    Universal   st964-107-2   HL ASSY INN 86-88 $ 28.00
    Universal   st964-107-3   HL ASSY OUT 86-88 $ 28.00
    Universal   st964-107-4   HL ASSY OUT 86-88 $ 28.00
    Universal   st973-101-1   SINGLE RECTANGULAR $ 29.35
    Universal   st973-101-2   SINGLE RECTANGULAR $ 29.35
    Universal   st973-102-1   SINGLE RECTANGULAR $ 34.26
    Universal   st973-102-2   SINGLE RECTANGULAR $ 34.26
    Universal   st974-102-1   SINGLE RECTANGULAR $ 34.26
    Universal   st974-102-2   SINGLE RECTANGULAR $ 34.26
    Universal   g0056 hoodscoop 426 hemi charger  
    Universal   g0036 hoodscoop 6 pack 5"  
    Universal   g0014 hoodscoop 67 vette 427style  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero 6"  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero 6" inside flange  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero 6" inside flange-short  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero 8"  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero 11"  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero 12"  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero 14"  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero 14" widened  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero Snorkle top  
    Universal   g hoodscoop Aero wind.snork.top  
    Universal   g0054 hoodscoop belvedere 63-64 style  
    Universal   g2330 hoodscoop challenger r/t inserts  
    Universal   g0055 hoodscoop chevelle ss 70-72 style  
    Universal   g0046 hoodscoop chevy 5" medium  
    Universal   g0047 hoodscoop chevy pro 3" mini  
    Universal   g0045 hoodscoop chevy pro 7" large[grump lump]  
    Universal   g0021 hoodscoop cobra 2  
    Universal   g0019 hoodscoop cobra 4" boss  
    Universal   g0020 hoodscoop cobra 7" super  
    Universal   g0018 hoodscoop cobra jet  
    Universal   g0010 hoodscoop cowl induction 2"z-28 (69)  
    Universal   g0016 hoodscoop cowl induction 4" smooth  
    Universal   g hoodscoop cowl induction 4" with line  
    Universal   g hoodscoop cowl induction 6" with line  
    Universal   g0011 hoodscoop cowl induction mini z-28  
    Universal   g0017 hoodscoop cowl induction turbo 2"  
    Universal   g0173 hoodscoop cowl induction turbo w/ duct  
    Universal   g1548 hoodscoop cuda 69-formula s (pair)  
    Universal   g1588 hoodscoop cuda r/t inserts  
    Universal   g4346 hoodscoop custom stinger scorpion  
    Universal   g0058 hoodscoop custom tapered  
    Universal   g0145 hoodscoop cutlass w30 (pair) (70-72 style)  
    Universal   g0033 hoodscoop duster twin snorkle  
    Universal   g0052 hoodscoop dyno don  
    Universal   g1854 hoodscoop firebird 400scoop insert 67-69(pr)  
    Universal   g4341 hoodscoop firebird t/a scoop 70-76 style  
    Universal   g4342 hoodscoop firebird t/a scoop-77-81 style  
    Universal   g4354 hoodscoop firebird t/a/scoop 2" higher  
    Universal   g4344 hoodscoop firebird turbo scoop 80-style  
    Universal   g4345 hoodscoop firebird twin turbo scoop  
    Universal   g0057 hoodscoop ford universal  
    Universal   g0059 hoodscoop formula 5000  
    Universal   g0061 hoodscoop formula 5001  
    Universal   g0062 hoodscoop formula 5002  
    Universal   g0064 hoodscoop formula 5004  
    Universal   g0063 hoodscoop formula5003 or 5003a  
    Universal   g0144 hoodscoop gto 71-style(large universal)  
    Universal   g1581 hoodscoop hemi cuda shaker  
    Universal   g0053 hoodscoop hemi dart  
    Universal   g0007 hoodscoop L-88 large  
    Universal   g0008 hoodscoop L-88 medium  
    Universal   g0009 hoodscoop L-88 mini  
    Universal   g0143 hoodscoop max wedge  
    Universal   g0006 hoodscoop monza  
    Universal   g5484 hoodscoop monza (cowl induction)  
    Universal   g0170 hoodscoop n.a.c.a. duct 8"  
    Universal   g0171 hoodscoop n.a.c.a. duct 12"  
    Universal   g0037 hoodscoop pro mopar 5"  
    Universal   g0040 hoodscoop pro mopar 7"  
    Universal   g0043 hoodscoop pro mopar 7" fancy  
    Universal   g0041 hoodscoop pro mopar 7" shortened  
    Universal   g0039 hoodscoop pro mopar 7" windshield  
    Universal   g0042 hoodscoop pro mopar mini  
    Universal   g0044 hoodscoop pro mopar mini fancy  
    Universal   g0146 hoodscoop pro stage 11  
    Universal   g0034 hoodscoop scamp / swinger twin scoops  
    Universal   g0142 hoodscoop shaker cobra jet (69-70must/tor)  
    Universal   g5528 hoodscoop shelby 65  
    Universal   g5589 hoodscoop shelby 68 (state 67 or 68 style)  
    Universal   g0029 hoodscoop snokle 5" 1 piece windshield  
    Universal   g0022 hoodscoop snorkle 5" 1 piece  
    Universal   g0025 hoodscoop snorkle 5" 2 piece  
    Universal   g0030 hoodscoop snorkle 5" 2 piece windshield  
    Universal   g0027 hoodscoop snorkle 5" angle 2 piece  
    Universal   g0023 hoodscoop snorkle 7" 1 piece  
    Universal   g0026 hoodscoop snorkle 7" 2 piece  
    Universal   g0028 hoodscoop snorkle 7" angle 2 piece  
    Universal   g0031 hoodscoop snorkle 7" windshield style  
    Universal   g0024 hoodscoop snorkle 9" 1 piece  
    Universal   g0032 hoodscoop snorkle 9"windshield style  
    Universal   g0015 hoodscoop stingray-mini  
    Universal   g0060 hoodscoop superscoop  
    Universal   g0035 hoodscoop teardrop large  
    Universal   g0035a hoodscoop teardrop medium  
    Universal   g0035b hoodscoop teardrop small  
    Universal   g0050 hoodscoop tunnel ram 10"  
    Universal   g0051 hoodscoop tunnel ram 7"  
    Universal   g0148 hoodscoop van (large single) (state make)  
    Universal   g0147 hoodscoop van (small pair) (state make)  
    Universal   g0049 hoodscoop vega pro  
    Universal   g0012 hoodscoop z-28 (78-79)  
    Universal   g0013 hoodscoop z-28 (80-81)  

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