PASEO Catalogue
Fiberglass and Steel Parts

If a part begins with the letter "G" under "PART#" it is referring to fiberglass.
Any other instances are describing steel parts.
Much more coming soon!!

A picture gallery is included along with full price list. See below table for gallery.

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92 95 Toyota Paseo st8160-31-1 Front Fender   $ 105.00
92 95 Toyota Paseo st8160-31-2 Front Fender   $ 105.00
92 95 Toyota Paseo st8160-83-0 Rear Bumper re-bar   $ 82.39
92 95 Toyota Paseo st8160-84-0 front bumper re-bar   $ 65.00
92 95 Toyota Paseo st8160-87-0 front bumper cover   $ 112.00
96 98 Toyota Paseo st8161-87-0 front bumper cover   $ 98.00