EDSEL Catalogue
Fiberglass and Steel Parts

If a part begins with the letter "G" under "PART#" it is referring to fiberglass.
Any other instances are describing steel parts.
Much more coming soon!!

A picture gallery is included along with full price list. See below table for gallery.


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57 58 Edsel   s3900 Rocker Panel    
57 58 Edsel   s3901 Rocker Panel    
57 58 Edsel   s3902 Rocker Panel    
57 58 Edsel   s3903 Rocker Panel    
59   Edsel   s3904 Rocker Panel    
59   Edsel   s3905 Rocker Panel    
60   Edsel   s3906 Rocker Panel    
60   Edsel   s3907 Rocker Panel    




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